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LET'S MAKE YOUR PHOTOS & YOUR BUSINESS "BOMB"! Welcome to the PhotoBomb Academy™, a digital education platform created to inspire and assist photographers and/or creatives, at any level, on how to improve their image taking skills and budding photography businesses.

Are you interested in working together to grow your business? Find what's best for you below.

From Hobbyist to Pro

This foundational program is created to give you the five-passed roadmap to building a solid business foundation. This is the right course for you're either a more beginner photographer and/or you're just starting out wanting to experience accelerated growth within your business and known as a pro photographer, then this course is perfect for you!
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The Elevate Accelerator

Your blueprint to making consistent high 4-5 figure months and becoming more confident as a pro-photographer!
If you're a photographer who wants to make more consistent money in your business, create a premium (4 figure!) signature photography offer and/or feel more confident as not just a photographer but as a CEO of your business & life, then this program is for you!
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Purpose to Create Podcast

Learn more about how to identify your ideal client in this episode and the journey Rhea took to do that within my own business! 

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DFBG Podcast

Learn more about why it’s imperative to stay true to who you are and what you’re passionate about as a creative. Also hear Rhea talk on why it’s important to give yourself grace through it all.

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Bokeh Podcast Interview

Learn more about how to strategically approach your photography style by choosing camera settings in this episode!

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Beginner Photography Podcast

Learn more about how to incorporate the KLT factor into your business so you can attract clients that value your services! 

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Pro Photographer Journey Podcast

Listen in on how Rhea's been running her wedding photography business during 2020, as well as ways to incorporate her successful KLT factor (you have to listen to learn what that is) to make her business more successful than ever!

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Bold Moves & Crazy Discipline

Listen to this episode on Rework with Allison Tyler Jones and Rhea as we discuss some fantastic advice for how to work through these negative emotions, learn to love yourself and your work, and get you on track to living your best life!

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Zoom In Podcast

Chatting with Rhea Whitney felt like catching up with a girlfriend and I hope you feel the same way while listening! During this episode, Rhea shares when her love for photography began, how her parents’ terrible wedding photography experience shaped how she shows up for her clients, her straightforward pricing strategy for building a sustainable photography business & enjoying the journey amidst pitfalls of comparison.

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"Rhea is an excellent teacher. She is a genuine person who is passionate about helping other photographers grow their business and improve their skillset. She teaches in a way you can easily understand and gives you instant feedback. I would highly recommend taking her photobomb academy courses. Her passion for what she does will inspire you and I guarantee you she will help you get to your next level"

Mallory Neely

"I’m so grateful for you, Rhea! Your class has exceeded my expectations! You give us valuable information with numbers, research, and experience to back it up! You don’t make us feel like we have to buy and subscribe to the most expensive services, gear, and subscriptions just to be successful. You are meeting us where we are, and are giving us actionable, attainable, cost effective methods to get to the next level. If there is something worth spending the extra coins on, you let us know. But If there are comparable items or services, you lead with that. That so dope of you! Thank you so much!"


"My photobomb class with Rhea was amazing! As an event planner and blogger, I find that I often need behind the scenes shots of my work or images for social media, blog posts and more. While I always use a photographer for events, having a personal knowledge of photography through Rhea's class has helped me to feel confident in capturing images for my other business needs. You owe it to yourself to take Rhea's class, where she shares freely on how to use your camera like a pro! Thanks to Rhea, now my pics are poppin'! :)"

Sensational Soirees

"Rhea really opened my eyes to what’s possible with my camera! I’ve had a growing interest in the art of photography, but had no idea how to get started. Rhea’s PhotoBomb Academy provided me with knowledge, while developing my contextual awareness and eye for what looks good vs. what looks great! I would highly recommend her classes if you’re interested in a quick, fun crash course in photography."

The Musicianship

"I thought I could teach myself how to take great photos. I was wrong. I decided to take a PhotoBomb course with Rhea of Rhea Whitney Photography. The one-on-one session provided so much knowledge and insight not only on how to use my camera but how the various camera functions work together to render the desired result. I had a great time learning from Rhea, she's such a joy and super talented. I can already see a huge difference in the quality of the pictures I take. I think back to my session and recall how I should manipulate my settings to capture my subject in the best way. It has certainly taken the images I use on my blog and social media to the next level. I can't wait to build on what I've learned, and take more awesome pictures!"

My Letters Of Rec

"It was such a pleasure to be apart of Rhea’s coaching program! Her coaching ignited a fire in me to really do the work to level up in my business. She is truly an inspiration as I’ve watched her not only talking the talk, but walking the walk in her own business. "

Danielle Flowers

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