Ep 06 | What is the Elevate Accelerator and Who is it Best For

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Ep 06 | What is the Elevate Accelerator and Who is it Best For

What is the Elevate Accelerator and Who is it Best For

Are you looking for ways to accelerate your business, enhance your skills as a CEO, become a more accomplished entrepreneur, and excel as a creative business owner? Look no further than Elevate Accelerator, the solution that will enable you to think, operate, and implement strategically. Some of the key factors that set Elevate Accelerate apart and contribute to its remarkable success are its individualized approach, unique framework, and supportive community of driven, action-oriented, ambitious, creative, intelligent, and fun-loving individuals.


In this episode, Rhea provides comprehensive insights into the essence of Elevate Accelerator—what it is,  who it is for, and the kind of transformation and wins you can expect. It’s time to build your confidence as a business owner, crush that imposter syndrome, trust the ideas and strategies that you come up with, and push through the fear and resistance to achieve what you are going after.


Listen in and learn how the Elevate Accelerate empowers you to gain clarity on your vision, develop personalized strategies, and propel your business forward on your own terms.

What You Will Learn:

  • [00:01] Intro and what’s in for you in today's show  
  • [05:06] About the core of Elevate Accelerator program 
  • [06:53] What people love about Elevate Accelerate program and community 
  • [10:20] How Elevate Accelerate helps you build confidence as a business owner and CEO
  • [12:48] Elevate Accelerate program individualized growth business strategies  
  • [14:12] Elevate Accelerate framework for elevating your vision, offers, and operations 
  • [15:12] Elevate Accelerate  individualized feedback and planning sessions  
  • [17:30] How Elevate Accelerate will help you get clarity about your signature packages
  • [18:16] One big takeaway from members of Elevate Accelerate
  • [20:55] Elevate Accelerate two-day in-person retreat 
  • [23:07] About Why Not Elevate Accelerate event and July cohort
  • [24:08] Wrap up and end of the show


Standout Quotes:

  • “Wins are both monetary and non-monetary.”- Rhea [01:44]
  •  “When you're not surrounded by the right environment, it plays a big role in your mindset and can really bring you down.”- Rhea [09:01]
  • “When you do not have a Clear Vision or a goal that you are going after within  your business, you are just aimlessly throwing stuff at the wall to see if it stick and that is dangerous.”- Rhea [13:57]
  • “The more that we can define who our client avatar is and what they are looking for from us, the more we can strategically develop our marketing to fit around that .” - Rhea [17:20]

Resources Mentioned: 

Why Not Elevate Accelerator's upcoming virtual event: https://www.photobombacademy.com/wine-not-elevate 


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