Ep 08 | Dealing with Difficult Clients

business advice Jul 26, 2023
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Ep 08 | Dealing with Difficult Clients

Dealing With Difficult Clients

In business as a photographer,  you will inevitably encounter diverse client personalities. Some will inspire and encourage you to persevere, while others may openly dampen your spirits. These difficult clients can significantly impact mood, momentum, and mindset. The constant challenges and negativity can create stress and frustration, decreasing enthusiasm and motivation. However, it is it does not have to be that way. 


In this episode, Rhea will share four tips on how to deal with such clients. Listen to a breakdown of the tips on how to deal with your difficult clients better. Or, as it is commonly said, turning those lemons into lemonades and getting the best out of it. 


Tune in and learn how by adopting a proactive approach and developing effective strategies, you can overcome the challenges that difficult clients present and navigate the hurdles they create. Remember, you have the power to rise above their negativity and maintain your confidence while providing the best service possible.


Key Highlights from the Show:

  • [00:01] Intro and what’s in for you in today's show  
  • [02:54] Understand the demands of the situation and learn from the mistakes
  • [03:40] Valuable lessons a bad client could be teaching you
  • [04:47] One of Rhea’s difficult client situations and the lessons learned
  • [07:39] Ensure they do not kill your momentum of doing work
  • [11:59] Note the yellow flags earlier
  • [15:03] Define clearly what is in your control and what isn’t
  • [20:21] Golden takeaway tips from the episode
  • [22:04] Call to action and ending the show


Standout Quotes:

  • “Embrace learning from the mistakes because we all make them, anyway.”- Rhea [02:54]
  •  “Some difficult clients are there for your benefit. Sometimes they come to teach you valuable life and business lessons, such as contracts, payment terms, and much more.”- Rhea [03:40]
  • “When you are in the business of people, just know that there is going to come a time where you will deal with a difficult client.”- Rhea [11:18]
  • “Photographers create visuals that act as a mirror to others. Sometimes the people won’t love how they look, and that is beyond your control as a photographer.” - Rhea [15:53]

Resources Mentioned: 

Online Bookkeeping (Bench Bookkeeping Affiliate Link):  https://bench.co/partner/rhea-whitney-photography/ 


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