Ep 01 | Mini Episode About Me & The Rhea Whitney Podcast (Trailer)

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Ep 01 | Mini Episode About Me & The Rhea Whitney Podcast (Trailer)

About The Rhea Whitney Show

In this mini-episode, you will learn more about your host, Rhea Whitney, her inspiring journey and the WHY behind The Rhea Whitney podcast.  Born in North Carolina, Rhea experienced frequent moves during her childhood due to her father's job, residing in six states before college.  Rhea was always the new kid on the block and had to make new friends, which allowed her to develop a charismatic personality and an innate ability to connect with people. 


Raised by educators, Rhea’s exposure to her mother's restaurant in Kentucky sparked her interest in entrepreneurship. However, her earliest examples of this came from her uncles, who inspired her with their entrepreneurial endeavours long before the internet era. For her education, Rhea pursued a business finance major at Howard University and accounting at Hunter College. However, she quickly learned from studying CPA and working in public accounting that audit was not for her, and the journey ended abruptly. It was during this time that she was introduced to a photography class. Her love and passion for photography date back to childhood, but she didn’t know anything about professional photography until she decided to take the class in 2011.  


Rhea started her photography business on the side in Washington, DC., but went full-time after she was fired for the second time. Along the way, she progressively honed her business acumen, and she feels honored to pave the way for future generations. Today Rhea is a CEO, Wedding Photographer and Business Coach. Through this podcast, Rhea’s main goal is to provide you with strategies you can implement and apply in your business right now. By pulling back the curtains on what it means to be an entrepreneur, she seeks to help you not make the same mistakes she made. 


The Rhea Whitney Podcast provides a platform for intentional learning, growth, and becoming better business owners.  


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