Ep 10 | Why Defining your Core Values in Business Matters

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Ep 10 | Why Defining your Core Values in Business Matters

Why Defining Your Core Values In Your Business Matters

Defining your core values in your business holds immense significance, as these guiding principles are the foundational pillars underpinning your entire endeavor. Often, these core values mirror the beliefs that resonate with our personal life, fostering a seamless synergy between our business and our intrinsic convictions. As creators and service providers, the cohesion of values and beliefs plays a pivotal role in cultivating working relationships and nurturing a conducive environment. Defining and integrating them into our messaging and marketing efforts facilitates a genuine connection with clients and serve as a steadfast North Star, illuminating our path and role as service providers. Upholding our core values isn't just important; it's imperative. 

In today's podcast episode, Rhea dives into core values and why defining them is important in your business. She delves into the profound impact of defining our core values in business, highlighting how they can harmonize to create a stronger foundation for success and act as a guiding compass, steering businesses toward authenticity and resilience. 

Tune in and get valuable strategies for defining and integrating your core values into your branding, communication, and decision-making process, ultimately fostering deeper connections with clients and a thriving, values-driven business environment.


What You Will Learn:

  • [00:01] Intro and what’s in for you in today's show  
  • [02:26] A breakdown of what Core values are
  • [04:29] Why defining your core values in your business is so critical
  • [05:51] Some basic examples of core values that you can lean on 
  • [06:28] How defining your core values helps you keep your North Star
  • [07:55] Leveraging core values to create connection points with your ideal client 
  • [09:18] Talking about your core values and upholding them in business 
  • [11:19] Aligning with the right clients using your core values
  • [13:43] Wrap up and end of the show


Standout Quotes:

  • “It’s so important to define your core values in your business; many times, these core values will align with the values that you have in your life.”- Rhea [03:10]
  •  “As creators service providers, similar values and beliefs are so essential  in creating the best working relationships and environment.”- Rhea [05:01]
  • “Defining your core values helps you keep your North Star in how you are showing up as a service provider, and you can identify yellow and red flags when your values are not upheld.”- Rhea [06:28]
  • “Upholding your core values in your business is important; communicating what they are and talking with potentials clients in your messaging and marketing is a great way to connect with the right people. ” - Rhea [10:31]
  • “Core values make alignment easier, and it helps you keep that inner compass on; what is important to you when it comes to being a service provider and serving clients. ” - Rhea [13:25]


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