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Check out my digital course options below.They range from beginner courses in photography all the way to an accelerator program for pro photographers that want to earn consistent high 4 & 5 figure months as they transition into full-time entrepreneurship.

From Hobbyist to Pro Digital Course


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A 6 week group coaching program that teaches you the roadmap to take your passion for photography to a professional level. Learn how to create a solid business foundation and must-have strategies to grow and attract more ideal clients.

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If you have a digital camera, are shooting in auto mode, and wish your photos looked more professional, then this course is for you. Learn the basic key concepts of photography. From settings to the equipment you need to take a great photo. 

This course is perfect for ANYONE who owns a DSLR, so theres no need to be a photographer. Bloggers, moms, Florists, event designers, product designers, brick & mortar, and online store owners, etc.


How to create recreate your style of work


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Learn the 5 concepts you have to consider when shooting that will help you recreate your style of work consistently!