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You are here because...

  • You know how to shoot but have no idea how to market yourself in order to build the demand you desire
  • You don't have a solid pricing structure and revenue plan.
  • You are struggling with booking more ideal PAYING clients that value your work.
  • You are ready to get serious about your business and need the proven roadmap to grow.
  • You know that you are a pro but you don't know how to show up as one.
  • You see the value in learning from an industry professional in order to save yourself time and money.

The top 5 mistakes photographers are making that's holding them back from making more money in their business...

1. They continue to undercharge for their services.

2. They will work with just anybody that will pay them money.

3. They don't have a solid pricing structure and revenue plan in place for their business. 

4. They aren't clear on who their ideal client is and how to reach them.

5. They rely on their skill as a photographer instead of the strategy of an entrepreneur.



VIP Strategy Day!

The VIP Strategy Day is 5 hour intensive designed to help you create an actionable marketing strategy that will help you create a strong brand presence and a solid business foundation so you can book more clients who value your work and expertise!

I'll teach you the EXACT next steps to increase your demand and have a consistent stream of work in your business.

Running a successful photography business is 75% business and 25% shooting so knowing what it takes to run a profitable business is KEY!

Here's the framework for what a profitable photography business looks like...

Stage 1: Foundation

The basic of running a profitable photography business is knowing and being able to recreate your style of work consistently, knowing what your speciality is and who you want to service. Also, owning your own space on the internet (personal website) for potential clients to contact you. Build up the know, like, trust factor in this step is vital for your growth.

 Stage 2:     Marketing

Understanding your marketing strategy to reach your ideal clients is part of the second step in growing your profitable business. Also, creating an irresistible client experience, having cohesive brand imagery for your marketing collateral and building up your demand and momentum for your services through your marketing efforts is key in this phase.

Stage 3: Money

Being confident and having a strategic pricing strategy for your photography services and offers in a part of third step in creating your profitable photography business. Knowing what your CODB is, being clear on how to up selling on products & prints and having a revenue plan for your financial goals is the main focus in this phase.


If you want to stop running your photography business like a hobby, so you can make more money and attract higher quality clients, this is for you!

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Meet your new coach!

Rhea Whitney is a wedding photographer, coach, and educator that teaches rising pro photographers how to run a profitable photography business. In less than 8+ years Rhea has taken her business to 6 figures consistently by dominating her market, building a consistent brand presence, and strategic marketing.

 Rhea’s photography work has been featured in many national publications such as BRIDE, The Knot and Munaluchi Bridal. Rhea has become one of the most sought out photographers in her industry and has a passion for teaching other photographers how to build a highly visible/profitable/engaging brand too.

She does this through 1:1 coaching and her education platform PhotoBomb Academy™ where she’s helped over 50 rising pro photographers build a solid photography business that generates consistent revenue.

In her free time, Rhea loves to work out, hang with her girlfriends, go fishing or be by the water, or do a little shopping at Nordstroms or TJ Maxx. Lastly, she is a proud graduate of Howard University majoring in Business Finance & Accounting.

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I work with amazingly talented photographers who want to level up in their business and make more money!

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Brandi, Photographer

I really needed someone to evaluate what I was doing in my business and help me figure out what needed improvement and how to get more growth. The session exceeded my expectations because I gained so much more. Rhea is really good at making you feel comfortable and motivating you to work towards your goals. Sometimes you need a cheerleader and I feel like I found that!”

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Jamenda, Photographer

"[Rhea's coaching] forced me to take a hard look at my new photography business, and see the areas where I have to improve, if I want to establish myself as a professional in the photography industry.  From my shooting style, website, customer experience etc, Rhea touches on all areas of running and building a photography business, and she dropped so many little gems along the way, that made it even more beneficial to me."

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Samantha, Photographer

"Rhea, I just want to tell you that I can’t thank you enough for your support and coaching. I took what you said during our last call about pricing to heart. I realized that I was pricing low not because I’m scared no one will purchase a package, but because I wasn’t valuing myself (that self-doubt). Thank you for helping me to realize that there is value in my time, my work and me. I’d like to [keep] profit in mind vs. minding other people’s pockets."

Ready to get serious about your photography business and make more money?

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