Ep 03 | 3 Things Successful Entrepreneurs Have In Common

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Ep 03 | 3 Things Successful Entrepreneurs Have In Common

3 Things Successful Entrepreneurs Have In Common

Sometimes we need to be reminded of what success looks like to each of us and what we need to stay focused on to obtain the success that we really desire. Someone else definition of success may not look like your definition of success, and taking the time to define what success means to you is vital. Whether that is time freedom, financial freedom, a certain amount of clients or money in the bank, working at a certain type of venue or on certain types of projects, don’t base your metrics on what someone else deems successful. Chasing someone else's dream or level of success will not make you feel successful even if you achieve it.   


In this episode of the Rhea Whitney Podcast, we talk about 3 things successful entrepreneurs have in common that you can start implementing today to manifest your goals. Today is a new day to get things going in a new way. Facing the fears, taking things day by day, showing up...

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